Paolo Rizzi

Born on the 5th of october 1959 in Trieste, Italy, Paolo Rizzi starts sailing on board international 5.5 class with his parents since the early 60's and by the age of 10 he had visited most parts of the coast of former Yugoslavia.

Throughout his school days, he sailed Cadet, Flying Junior, Optimist, 470 classes as well as taking part in a significant number of sailing races, mainly on the family sailing boat "Vento Fresco", a 38' New Optimist designed by Dick Carter.

During his teens Paolo began mixing his passion and skill for sailing with an increasing interest in travel.

At various times he has worked as an accountant, a warehouseman, an installer of burglar alarms, a painter, a carpenter, a theatre stagehand, a carpet seller, an interior designer, a caterer, a film maker, a bartender and as a chef.

Paolo is an accomplished chef. Beyond his natural love for Italian food he has, at various times, mastered cuisines from diverse countries. Seafood dishes are his galley flagship.

A lifetime at sea including multiple ocean crossings, thousands of miles, sailed on most of the Planet Seas mixed with the eager desire of discovery keeps molding Paolo's polyhedric carachter.

Paolo is fluent in Italian, English, Spanish and French.

He lives in Trieste with his wife Elena, a former World Champion sailor on 420s and their three sons.